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Nikki Svec

Creative, Storyteller, Style Curator 

Creativity is my compass, guiding me throughout diverse life pursuits. As the quintessential small town girl who dreamt of living in a big city, passions like storytelling and personal style were vehicles of expression navigating me throughout life's twists and turns.


Studying journalism at Temple University served as a platform to further my creativity, as I developed my storytelling abilities with creative avenues like a fashion makeover column in the school of business and as a stylist at Nordstrom's.

Leaving my home state of Pennsylvania to further my passions in Miami, I immersed in the culture and community. As a communications consultant, personal stylist, and communications chair for the Black Professionals Network, creativity and connection are central to all I to.


I see art in people's stories, taking inspiration daily in the "city of Magic".  It is my passion to understand your mission,  developing vision into reality lead by dynamic creative capabilities. 

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